Here is the list of all of my projects ever finished. Newest first.

Extracts files exported from Burp Suite.

  • MAX232 converter


    MAX232 converter

RS232 to TTL UART converter based on Maxim MAX232CPE made on prototype PCB.

Small util that manipulates IMEI numbers.

Custom LZ77/LZSS implementation decompresser that is able to decompress data stored inside a polish vehicle registration certificate.

Kernel module supporting ST7565-based two-color displays.

Android program that easies checking vehicle’s information on CEPiK (polish governmental database of vehicles and drivers). Language: Polish.

Program for decryption of Microsoft’s SDC files. It enables downloading from Dreamspark without using Secure Download Manager which is available only on Windows and OS X. More info can be found here.

Library that provides simple FAT32 support for applications written for Linux platform. More about its function in a blog post here. It can be downloaded from github.


Simple program for validation and decoding of Polish identification numbers: PESEL, NIP, REGON, KW. Language: Polish.


Very simple program to validate, decode and generate valid PESEL number. Lang: PL

  • (CMS)

Before moving to WordPress I created two CMS’ for the site.


GetKeyState() and GetAsyncKeyState() function demo. Nothing special.


USPTO patent downloader. I doubt it could be used without violating USPTO rules so if you’re not sure – don’t use. Lang: PL


Small, light and nice program to monitor CPU, RAM and HDD usage. Language: Polish, English and easily translatable.

  •  Mapa wifi

Google Maps API based program that used MySQL db to display location of wifi networks in neighborhood, dead and unavailable.



Notepad-like text editor with custom skin.

GUI frontend to the Windows command: dir.


Massive document downloader with UserAgent spoofing.

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